New England Over-Wintered Treatment Free Northern Bred 5-Frame Nuc's:


Nuc's - SOLD OUT for 2021!


Nuc's still on schedule for

mid-May to mid-June pickup customers will be notified when colonies become ready



Our Locally Raised Northern Bred Nuc's are New England Winter-Hardy,

Over-Wintered right here in Central Massachusetts and are Treatment Free.


All frames are new comb 1 year old or less. Minimum 3 frames of brood. All frames are drawn out.


Our Northern Bred Nuc's come with a Locally Raised Queen "Open Mated" at our local apiaries. All Queens are marked for easy customer identification.


Autumn Morning Farm incorporates Varroa Sensitive Hygiene (VSH) and Buckfast Queens in our Locally Raised Nuc’s as a Natural Way to control mites (Tracheal & Varroa) and brood diseases in our colonies.


VSH and Buckfast Queens provide a "Tool" for Beekeepers who are interested in adding Genetic Diversity to their apiary and working towards managing their Honey Bees naturally (Treatment Free).


No equipment is required for Nuc pick up. All Nuc's are installed in a re-usable Jester Nuc box for the customer to keep. No Deposit or Return required for the Nuc Box. 


All Northern Bred Nuc's are Certified "Disease Free" by a Massachusetts Apiary Inspector.


Our Locally Raised Northern Bred Nuc's come with Standard Langstroth Deep Wood Frames. Standard Langstroth Medium Wood Frames are available upon request.


Autumn Morning Farm's Locally Raised Northern Bred Nuc's are available beginning mid-May to mid-June. PICK UP ONLY.


Nuc's - SOLD OUT 2021!


CANCELLATION POLICY: Nuc orders can be cancelled up to 30 days before delivery date with a $10.00 per Nuc fee. Nuc orders cannot be cancelled within 30 days of delivery date unless we can re-sell your order.  If we re-sell your order we will refund your order minus the $10.00 per Nuc.

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