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Autumn Morning Farm distributes it honey under the label, "Aunt Chrissy's Honey".


The honey produced by our bees is Local, Raw, Unfiltered and Unheated. Our honey is strained before it is bottled to remove excess wax particles produced during the uncapping process. 


Straining the honey does not remove any of the sugar crystals, air bubbles, pollen grains, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants or other important attributes. Our honey is not heated so it will crystalize. The rate of crystallization depends on the floral source of the nectar, time of year the bees produced it and the temperature at which the honey is stored.


Commercial Honey Packers heat and filter their honey using various methods to remove air bubbles, suspended particles, sugar crystals, pollen grains, enzymes, vitamins, and other important antioxidants.


This process makes the honey light in color or clear and allows it to stay on the store shelf for long periods of time without crystalizing. As a result, all of the beneficial properties have been removed. By FDA and USDA Standards this is still "Honey" however it has been reduced to nothing more than a sweetener. All the nutritional value has been removed. 


Autumn Morning Farm is a small scale commercial beekeeping operation located in the rich farm land of central Massachusetts. We support the local agricultural industry by working with local farmers to increase their crop production through the use of pollination. Our apiaries are located on local farms that are managed by organic methods. We manage our apiaries the same way.


Our bees are managed using organic methods and our honey is processed using organic standards to deliver the best possible honey to our customers


Aunt Chrissy's Honey can be purchased at the following local stores:


Autumn Morning Farm, Barre, MA


Barre Farmer's Market, Barre, MA


Follow The Honey, Cambridge, MA


Lady Bug Farm Produce, Hubbardston, MA


Sweets & Java, Holden, MA


The Boston Public Market, Boston, MA

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