Give Your Colony a Fighting Chance!


Honey Bee with Deformed Wing Virus caused by Heavy Varroa Mite levels in colony.

Keeping Healthy Honey Bee Colonies in New England


Scientific Studies have shown that bee colony winter survival is directly proportional to colony health and the winter bee's immune system. Bottom Line: the healthier a bee colony is going into the winter, the greater the chances are of its survival.


Autumn Morning Farm carries a complete line of products to increase the Honey Bees immune system as well as products to combat the No.1 pest that the Honey Bee faces today - Varroa Mite. We understand that even Treatment Free bee colonies need intervention once in a while to increase the chances of colony survival through the winter.



Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS):1 Treatment $7.00

Mite Away Quick Strips (MAQS): 10 Treatments $50.00

Apivar 10 Pack: $36.00

Apistan Strips: (3 Strips) 1 Treatment $12.00

Apistan Strips: (10 Strips) 3 Treatments $38.00

Fumagilin-B: .5 gram Bottle $25.00

Honey-B Healthy: 16 oz. Bottle $26.00

Megabee Pollen Patties with Honey-B Healthy: $5.00

Global Patties: $5.00

MA Sales Tax applies to all orders.                                    

Prices subject to change without notice.

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